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"This course changed my life"


Turn your lived experience into a valuable asset. By enrolling in StoriBoard’s 10 hour Level 3 Expert by Experience Course, you’ll learn to deliver paid 1:1 Lived Experience Peer Support Sessions & earn up to £35/hr on the StoriBoard platform. 

No degree or formal qualification is required.

  • Develop the knowledge and skills to deliver paid 1:1 Lived Experience Peer Support Sessions on the StoriBoard Marketplace
  • Get access to a real-world client base
  • Complete comprehensive training in safeguarding, suicide-prevention, emotional recovery, inclusivity & diversity
  • Grow your communication, interpersonal & problem-solving skills
  • Receive guidance from a dedicated course leader, who will be available around-the-clock by email to answer questions and provide practical advice 


What is an Expert by Experience?

An Expert by Experience (EbE) draws from their own lived experiences to empower and uplift others.

The value of EbEs lie in their ability to provide a different viewpoint from other professionals, which can lead to a more holistic, empathetic and effective care and service. Their support is rooted in real-world experience.

Course Structure

Our Level 3 course has a comprehensive curriculum that equips you with the essential knowledge and skills to be an effective EbE. The course consists of 5 online modules which you can study at your own pace. The course takes approximately 10 hours to complete, including assessment.


Our qualification has received a Level 3 accreditation from NCFE, a recognised awarding organisation. The Level 3 accreditation reflects the rigorous quality of the course.

On successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate from NCFE, reflecting your newfound understanding of effective peer support, and qualifying you as a StoriBoard Expert by Experience.

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Unit 1: Introductory Unit

  1. What is meant by peer support.
  2. The key characteristics of a peer support relationship.
  3. The key skills of an EbE.
  4. How to de-escalate difficult situations in a peer support relationship by reacting calmly and appropriately.

Unit 2: Empowering boundaries and safeguarding

  1. How to maintain professional peer support relationships by setting boundaries at the beginning of the relationship.
  2. The key principles of suicide and self-harm prevention training.
  3. Safeguarding in relation to peer support.
  4. How to end a peer support relationship.

Unit 3: EbE core skills and 1:1 support

  1. What is meant by recovery-focused approaches.
  2. The importance of unconditional positive regard in relation to a peer support relationship.
  3. The difference between personal recovery and clinical recovery.
  4. Recovery focused approaches.
  5. Goal setting.
  6. Sharing your own lived experience story.
  7. Coping strategies
  8. Recognising burnout.

Unit 4: Inclusive Community Building

  1. What is meant by unconscious bias.
  2. Diversity and the law.
  3. Building a StoriBoard community.

Unit 5: Consistent engagement through group meet-ups

  1. How to work with a diverse group of people.
  2. Live meetings on the StoriBoard Platform.
  3. Troubleshooting in live meetings on the StoriBoard Platform.



What is an Expert by Experience?

An Expert by Experience (EbE) is someone who has personal experience with a particular situation, condition, or challenge and thus has gained unique insights and understanding from that lived experience. Experts by Experience are used in healthcare, social care and the mental health sector.


Once you have passed our Level 3 Expert by Experience Course, you can run 1:1 emotional recovery sessions on the StoriBoard App. You will be able to charge for these sessions and earn self-employed income.

What experience do I need to take the Level 3 Expert by Experience Course?

No formal qualifications are required to take this course. You must have lived experience in any topic that you plan to become an Expert by Experience in. 

Will I receive a qualification when I complete the course?

Our Level 3 Expert by Experience Course is accredited and you will receive a certificate from NCFE upon successful completion of the course once you have passed the required assessments. 

Is there an age limit to take the Level 3 Expert by Experience Course?

You must be 18+ to take this course. We do not have an upper age limit!

Do I need any additional books or equipment to do the course?

There is no requirement to purchase any additional materials.


Once you have completed the course, you will receive a bespoke Expert by Experience handbook and an Expert by Experience toolkit, which contains hand-crafted worksheets for you to use in any future 1:1 emotional recovery sessions, including on the StoriBoard App. These materials are included in the course cost.

How do I enrol in the Level 3 Expert by Experience Course?

If you would like to enrol in the Self-Paced Online Course, click here. You will be taken to a checkout page where you should follow the on-screen instructions. Alternatively, if you would like to purchase the course over the phone, book a meeting to speak with one of our Course Advisors here. Following payment, you’ll receive an email from our Academy Team informing you of next steps. 

Will I have to sit an examination?

Our Level 3 Expert by Experience Course is accredited by NCFE, so you need to show that you have acquired the knowledge to pass the course. This means that you are required to submit answers to an assessment in order to receive your Level 3 certificate. 


You will receive the assessment questions throughout the course and our dedicated Course Instructors are available to support you so that you can confidently answer the questions. Please email if you require guidance on any course-related matters.


We also have multiple choice questions within our Self-Paced Online Course. These do not form part of the formal assessment but they are designed to test your knowledge as you go through the course.

How long will it take for my assessment to be marked by my Course Instructor?

Your work will be marked and feedback returned to you within 10 working days after submission. This is because our Course Instructors provide detailed, considered feedback to our learners that may take a while to formulate. 

What happens if I fail my assessment?

You will be supported by your Course Instructor with detailed feedback. You will then be able to amend your assessment and resubmit based on this feedback. 

I’ve passed the Level 3 Expert by Experience Course. When will I receive my certificate?

Congratulations! You will receive your digital certificate from NCFE approximately 2 weeks after confirmation that you have passed your assessment. If you would like a physical copy of your certificate, please email with your Student ID and shipping address.

Where can I read the StoriBoard Academy Policy?
If I purchase the Level 3 Expert by Experience Course can I provide 1:1 Sessions as an EbE on the StoriBoard Platform?

Purchasing the Level 3 Expert by Experience course means that you are eligible to provide 1:1 Sessions.  This is the first step towards monetising your lived experience to help support others.

What are the requirements to provide 1:1 Sessions as an EbE on the StoriBoard Platform?

We have developed the following qualification criteria to ensure that the StoriBoard Platform remains safe for all users.  To provide 1:1 Sessions as an EbE, you must successfully complete each of the following steps (known as our qualification criteria):


Step 1: You must have passed our Level 3 Expert by Experience Course.  You can complete the course Self Paced or via our Live Online delivery.  


Step 2: Once you have passed the course, you will receive a certificate from NCFE, our accrediting body. 


Step 3: You must supply us with a DBS certificate that has been issued within the last 3 months.  You can apply for your DBS certificate online, click here. We require our EbEs to update their DBS checks every three years and we strongly advise that when applying for the DBS certificate you sign up for the DBS update service.  If you do not have a DBS certificate that has been issued within the last 3 months, you are required to apply for and pay for a new DBS certificate for this role.  StoriBoard will not cover the cost of obtaining a DBS certificate. 


Step 4: You must pass our verification interview to confirm your lived experience and suitability for delivering 1:1 Sessions on the StoriBoard Platform. If you completed the course via Live Online delivery, you will complete the verification interview as part of the course.  If you completed the course Self Paced, we will get in touch with you once you have passed to book the verification interview.  


Not everyone that has completed the above steps will pass the verification interview.  At StoriBoard the safety of our users is key and we reserve the right to refuse an applicant’s request to provide 1:1 Sessions on the StoriBoard Platform for any reason if we think you may not be suitable for the role.


We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our Community Guidelines and the Life Cycle of Lived Experience (contained within the Community Guidelines) which we use to consider if someone is suitable for the role.


Step 5: Once you have passed steps 1-4 above, you can complete your EbE profile on the StoriBoard App and start delivering 1:1 sessions.  We look forward to the difference that you will make to the lives of others!

What is my employment status as a StoriBoard EbE?

As an EbE, your employment status is self-employed (sole trader).  You run your own business through the StoriBoard Platform.  This means you are responsible for managing your tax implications.  Being self-employed means you are not paid through PAYE (Pay As You Earn) and do not have the rights and responsibilities of an employee.


Click here to learn more about being self-employed (sole trader) in the UK.

Expert by Experience Course

Empower, inspire & help transform lives

Outstanding Reviews for the Level 3 Expert by Experience Course

Lewis Goodall
Expert by Experience in Hodgkin's Lymphoma

“Listening skills are taken for granted in the workplace – this course teaches you the value of communication and listening with genuine empathy. It will definitely help me support people.”


Keeley Hellyer
Expert by Experience in Heart Disease

“Great workshop, highly recommended! It provided actionable advice and gave me the tools to support others professionally. I even put the training into practice with friends & family!”


Michelle Leigh
Expert by Experience in Grief & Suicide Bereavement

“The Level 3 Course is incredibly rewarding – I’ve learnt so much! I feel empowered to turn my own lived experience into a valuable asset, transforming lives in the process.”


Reuben Sam
Expert by Experience in Vitiligo & Mental Health

“I can now confidently utilise my lived experience to help empower others. I’m able to apply many of the skills I learnt across my life in general. This course is such a fantastic opportunity.”