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Enhance employee engagement and wellbeing in the workplace 💼

Many employees find it difficult to open up about the challenges they’re facing, especially when they don’t have contact with anyone they can relate to. Others feel that their worries aren’t urgent enough for Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) or professional counselling. Even Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) can’t focus on every individual’s unique lived experiences.

At StoriBoard we build Peer Support Communities (PSCs) in all topics, train your handpicked employees to become accredited Experts by Experience (EbEs) in each area, and help set up & run regular Group Support Sessions. The qualified EbEs can then go on to support colleagues on an individual basis as and when necessary throughout the business.

The average time to employer self sufficiency is 6 months. This ensures that you don’t have expensive ongoing external cost.

Why science backs Peer Support 🔬


Fewer admissions to
acute care following Peer Support


Other Platforms

  • Long-term commitment
  • Mental health focused
  • Encourages dependency on their services
  • Online only
  • Substantial ongoing costs


  • Short-term investment
  • Holistic approach
  • Embeds self-reliance through training
  • Online and in-person support
  • Low reoccuring costs
  • Sustained employee emotional wellness

What we offer 🌟

StoriBoard is a cost-effective, scalable solution that fosters a positive, engaged, and supportive workplace culture.

  • We onboard your employees & help launch your programme
  • The StoriBoard Academy provides Lived Experience Peer Support training & EbE qualifications
  • We build & manage engaged, lived experience communities & facilitate events
  • We help facilitate regular Peer Support Group Meetings led by your own Experts by Experience
  • You will have access 24/7 to an “always on” online community with 200+ Groups, safeguarded 365 days a year by professionals
Enquire about pricing: employers@storiboard.co.uk

Support in 200+ areas ❤

Neurodiversity / AuDHD /Autism /ADHD /Stress & Anxiety /Dyslexia

Cancer/ Stomas/ Addiction /Grief /Menopause/ Parenting/ Depression

PTSD /Chronic illness/ Divorce/ Abuse & Control/ Life Transitions

Children with learning difficulties /Break Ups/ Perinatal mental health

Eating Disorders/ LGBTQ+ /Colitis/ Sleep health/ Long Covid/ Trauma

and more!